Oliver Whitham

Strategic Marketing Leader

Driving growth & revenue.


A Digital Marketer Process Builder Growth Driver Team Builder Educator Marketing Generalist Lead Generator Strategic Leader Pipeline Creator Revenue Builder Strategic Marketing Leader for your business



Creating effective digital marketing strategies across platforms and channels to drive traffic helping you meet your business goals.  

Building the right strategy, process, and technology for predictable high-growth revenue and lead generation.


Teams and culture built to last. Effective leadership in silos or cross departmental teams both internally, and externally to help achieve success.

Achieving a people first leadership strategy can retain talent, and improve performance across your organization.


Strong tactical knowledge across many marketing platforms, including experience with experimental technologies in the AI and machine learning space.

Oliver Whitham can help your business grow with the right technical process and implementations.

What People are Saying:

Oliver helped us manage our email list of over 80k leads, set up our weekly marketing sequences, and provided us with expert guidance on every aspect of our list, from content recommendations to resolving technical issues. He’s highly knowledgeable and a fun person to be around, so I look forward to working with him again on future projects.

Andres Lucero

Coffee Shop Millionaire

Oliver worked on our online marketing programs at IngZ and was invaluable to our marketing staff. I’d hire him again without question!

Tony Howlett

CEO, IngZ Inc./CIO, SecureLink

I recently hired Oliver to help me with the SEO for my current website. After providing a list of my questions and concerns before our meeting, he came prepared with suggestions on what I need to do to improve my sites SEO. He would not let me leave until all of my questions were fully answered and gave me a list of take-home action steps to help me.

Shea Bailey

Owner, Yellow Umbrella Events

WTF is Tech Culture Anyway?

There's a big misconception that culture in the tech/startup scene is all about foosball and in-office kegs. With some of the biggest names in technology flaunting on-campus spas, insane perks, and on-site entertainment, it's easy to see why it was easy for tech...

An Austin Virtual Workers Update

It's been a while since I've talked about the Austin Virtual Workers project, a community of co-workers who want a casual coffee shop co-working setting. There's been a few reasons behind this, but as I've let my leadership of the AVW project slide, the group itself...

Relationship Building in the High-Ticket Online Sales World

It’s true the the thrill of placing an ad online and seeing it turn a momentous profit brings a certain palpable pleasure.  But the meat of online selling, and indeed, the core of the vast world of online selling almost always comes through building tangible...

Proving Your Value – The 101 for Conveying What You are Worth

Ever felt like you're under-appreciated, under-valued. under-utilized, under-paid? You're not alone, but truth is, it's often your fault that these things are happening to you. If you want people to take you seriously you have to be able to prove your value, and...

Why Work for Exposure Jobs are Not That Bad

Working for exposure gets a lot of hate in the online and creative space. And for good reason. Some should-be employers use work for exposure tactics to get free work from fresh creatives. The kind of people who can easily be exploited.  But there's another side to...



ATX Live was created to help solve two key problems.  

First, there are hundreds of events happening every month in the Austin technology scene, how could we make this less overwhelming?

Second, businesses, startups, and people are trying to build communities and events to help support the Austin tech scene, but had trouble being found.

ATX Live creates a curated weekly list of in person events around Austin, as well as a full event calendar that anyone can self submit to.  We worked with Austin Startups and Austin Digital Jobs to help drive awareness to these events, helping solve both issues in one seamless environment.

ATX Live
Austin Virtual Workers owned by Oliver Whitham

Austin Virtual Workers

Austin Virtual Workers grew out of a simple idea. Not all co-working has to be in dedicated spaces. it doesn’t need to be expensive, and remote working doesn’t need to be at home, or isolated.

We created Austin Virtual Workers with a simple vision, creating a safe and accessible environment for remote workers to meet up with the intention of working, at coffee shops around the City of Austin.

Now sitting at 2000 members strong, Austin Virtual Working remains one of the largest co-working communities in Austin, and although currently on pause (Due to Covid) will be restarting when it’s safe for our community to return!