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Full Stack Marketing, Strategy, Management and Implementation

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Oliver helped us manage our email list of over 80k leads, set up our weekly marketing sequences, and provided us with expert guidance on every aspect of our list, from content recommendations to resolving technical issues. He’s highly knowledgeable and a fun person to be around, so I look forward to working with him again on future projects.
Andres Lucero, Coffee Shop Millionaire
I recently hired Oliver to help me with the SEO for my current website. After providing a list of my questions and concerns before our meeting, he came prepared with suggestions on what I need to do to improve my sites SEO. He would not let me leave until all of my questions were fully answered and gave me a list of take-home action steps to help me.
Shea Bailey, Yellow Umbrella Events
Oliver worked on our online marketing programs at IngZ and was invaluable to our marketing staff. Id hire him again without question!
Tony Howlett, IngZ Inc.
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