Oliver Knows How to Solve Your Marketing Problems

Oliver’s 20+ years of experience solving marketing problems has helped grow revenue and improve pipeline for businesses across the globe. Working with small businesses to large enterprises, the breadth of experience has helped Oliver create cutting edge marketing strategies to help grow revenue and awareness of brands.


Helping you understand your market through research and data, learning where your product works, and how it needs to adapt to fit consumer needs and compete in the market.

Using the right tools you can quickly find more detail on your potential market share, your competitors, and where your own opportunities are.


Building strategies to help you achieve business goals.  Whether your business is looking to improve purchases, increase pipeline, or grow fast, the marketing strategy is key to supporting your overall business initiatives.

Each business has different strategic goals to drive it’s needs. Some look to steadily grow revenue, others look to drive user growth to enable additional investment opportunities. As companies grow the needs of the business can change quickly. Oliver can help maneuver your strategic marketing priorities inline with your requirements.


Choosing the right tactics to support your strategic goals. There are hundreds of ways to drive traffic, drive people through the funnel, and convert them. There are thousands of tools in the marketing stack to help you achieve this.

Finding the right match of tactics and technology to fit your resource capabilities can help you grow quickly, and efficienty, with lower risk of failure.


Driving success across internal and external teams, building and structuring the right team for your marketing efforts is key to success. Oliver can help implement or improve your teams structure. Leading your teams is more than just structure however. Building an effective marketing organization is as much about values and empowering your people to deliver the best possible results, and create the creative campaigns to achieve success.


Finding new ways to improve and optimize opportunities to achieve your strategic goals. It’s easy to say what your business needs, but it takes strategic insights to identify these opportunities and capitalize on those.

Oliver excels in finding new areas of opportunity and growth to help enable your business objectives be it growth, sales, or direct revenue.

How Can These Goals be Achieved?

Demand Generation

Generating demand for products and sevices is the very core of marketing. Oliver’s experience building, implementing, and owning demand generation strategies across paid, social, organic search and display delivers full spectrum campaigns to enable your demand generation efforts.

Full Funnel Ownership

Marketing is more than just getting traffic to your business’s website.

Marketing is an integral part of the overall business strategy, not just one department. Oliver helps ensure that a cohesive relationship exists between sales and marketing ensues that the work marketing is doing provides MQL’s that lead to sales.

Brand Awareness

Your brand is your business. it’s no coincidence that the fastest growing brands have a strong focus on their brand strategy.

Oliver has created and run paid, organic, and grassroots campaigns to help business new and old grow their brand awareness, and protect it from competitors.

Conversion Optimization

Finding where you’re losing customers across the funnel can have a big impact on your revenue. Oliver’s experience in conversion optimization stretches from the ad to checkout, all the way to the cancellation page.

Content Optimization

Making sure your content works.  Whether you’re building out content for sales, for SEO, or for lead generation, building the right content in the right places is important for any website.

Customer Retention

It’s easier to sell to a customer than a stranger, and it’s easier to keep a customer than acquire a new one. Customer retention is an often overlooked aspect of marketing that with a little help can reduce churn and even help customer acquisition.