Who is Oliver Whitham?

Oliver Whitham is an Online Marketer by trade, a pursuer of random projects by night.

Based in Austin, he spends his time running the cities largest remote co-working group, and a personal blog about the happenings in Austin. During the day he sits with his head buried in spreadsheets figuring out whether the 94th percentile is good enough.

Matching the Personality with Role is as Important as Matching Skillset with Role

If you’ve made it to this page, you’re wanting to know more about who I am, not just what I do.  Prepare for the textual equivalent of holiday slides.

I grew up in a small town outside of York, England.  I lived here for the majority of my early years, before eventually moving in to the City of York itself.  There I lived in an old (550ish years) house before meeting my future ex-wife with whom I moved across the Atlantic to the music capital of the world – Austin, TX.

I’ve always been at home around computers, and when I stumbled upon the Internet I quickly realized this was where my future lay.

Oliver Whitham PanamaAt the age of 15 I already had a series of websites up and running, starting on Geocities before moving on to real hosting providers.

I was obsessed with my hit counter, and spent my days figuring out how to generate more traffic. It wasn’t much longer before I started looking at monetization, and that is when my love for online marketing really kicked in. Not only driving traffic but optimizing for clicks and sales drove me to a whole new level.

Now at 32 I have done a whole lot, including running my own business, running my own projects for fun and for profit, and helping dozens of companies grow their marketing abilities.

In my personal life I love to travel, chat to random people, and explore the world around me.  My adventures have taken me from random road trips around Europe, to exploring Central America.

Originally from England, I moved to Austin, Texas in 2009. I instantly fell in love with a city which somehow managed to perfectly combine a laid back atmosphere with a huge variety of events, restaurants, bars, and a growing tech scene. I currently run a review site at In ATX where I review some of the amazing places and events in this town, as well as compile the Austin Digital Jobs Tech Event Roundup.

What I’ve Achieved

There’s plenty that I have done in my past that I’m proud of, and though driving traffic and sales to a website is satisfying, there are things that have meant more to me even when they haven’t even generated a dollar. Check out more on my current projects page!

York Sports and Social

In 2006 I created the York Sports and Social forum in York, England. We grew quickly to 500 members and achieved close to 1,500 before I closed down the project (due to moving to America). With multiple sports events and socials every week, we grew a large but well-connected community in a relatively small city.

Austin Virtual Workers

I started Austin Virtual Workers at the tail end of 2013. A community with regular working events for telecommuters in Austin, this catered to a huge need in Austin. Over the course of a year Austin Virtual Workers grew to 500 members, and by December 2016  this had risen to over 1200 members.


In ATX began as a pet project to improve my descriptive writing style. Over the course of a year it has grown significantly. From it’s humble beginnings it has partnered with some of the largest tech groups in Austin, including Austin Digital Jobs, as well as some of Austin’s greatest writers to deliver high-quality content about the live music capital of the world.

Though it is still at an early stage, In ATX has started to gain traction with more writers coming on board, and an ever strengthening brand image behind it.

My Vegan Planet

My Vegan Planet is a recipe website that has an over 2000 member strong Facebook community and an avid on site readership. At it’s peak My Vegan Planet had over 2,000 daily visits, though this dropped when I decided to prioritise other projects.


Speaking in public has always been terrifying to me.  I’m fine right up until 10 minutes before I’m due to talk, and then I start to freeze up, my mind goes blank.  It’s terrible.

But I’m a true believer in doing to improving. One of my greatest challenges has not been the online marketing space, but overcoming my personal fear of public speaking.  Every two to three months I make myself find a speaking gig, go up on stage and share my knowledge.  One day, I hope to get pretty good at it.