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Proving Your Value – The 101 for Conveying What You are Worth

Ever felt like you're under-appreciated, under-valued. under-utilized, under-paid? You're not alone, but truth is, it's often your fault that these things are happening to you. If you want people to take you seriously you have to be able to prove your value, and convey your worth. This is not always easy, but there are things you [...]

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Why Work for Exposure Jobs are Not That Bad

Working for exposure gets a lot of hate in the online and creative space. And for good reason. Some should-be employers use work for exposure tactics to get free work from fresh creatives. The kind of people who can easily be exploited.  But there's another side to the story that doesn't often get talked about. I'm [...]

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How to Build an Online Marketing Plan with No Money

For many small businesses out there money is tight, and the idea of dropping a minimum efficient marketing spend just isn't realistic for their budget. But without some efficient marketing behind your business, you will most likely never get the customer base that will support the kind of marketing your business needs to grow. This [...]

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How to Get Organic Real Facebook Fans with Related Pages

Getting Facebook likes is easy, just pay a few bucks and watch them roll in. Getting organic Facebook likes is a lot harder.  Pushing out a lot of share-able content helps, but what if you don't have the time to create vast amounts of content? What if you don't know what your audience will share? [...]

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How to Set Secure Passwords

Password security is a huge issue, and it always has been. Unfortunately not too many people set secure passwords, and with different sites having completely different rules it can be difficult to create and keep track of the passwords you use. This leads to a lot of people getting lazy when they set passwords, fortunately [...]

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