It’s true the the thrill of placing an ad online and seeing it turn a momentous profit brings a certain palpable pleasure.  But the meat of online selling, and indeed, the core of the vast world of online selling almost always comes through building tangible relationships with people through the vast communication medium of the Internet.

Some people build one on one relationships, some build communities, some automate the relationship building process as much as they possibly can.  But the rock solid truth is that unless you have that relationship, unless you have the deep trust of the buyer, unless they feel that slight inner welling of being part of your life, making a sale is going to be a mountainous difficulty.

Throughout the tumultuous world of the online selling space I see both novice and professional marketers and salespeople forget the core concept of a sale is the relationship building.

I see these people spam, build lists, A/B test, and lord over insignificant victories. All these techniques have their place, and there is no doubt in my mind they are essential. But these people forget the very root of success comes not from something as inhuman as a list, but from having a list who carries a genuine interest. Not an interest in your products or services. and most certainly not an interest in your next product.  But a genuine almost salivatory interest in you as a person or business.

The idea of relationships becomes vividly real when you start to take as much of an interest in your relationships as they do in you.  When you see the jubilant success of one of your people, it is as much a part of your life as an achievement made by a real world friend. When the product you provided helps that person, when tehy benefited from the money they gave you, it’s an ultimate win.

The exhausting thought that there are people out there whose mindset is narrowly and exclusively focused on the dollar is a miserable thought when you realize that every sale you make can be a mutual success, more than just a sale.

Though many online marketers do not practice what they preach, this methodology has helped me hugely over the last seventeen years in the Online Marketing space.. The same methodology gives me just as much interest in you, the person reading my site, as it does from customers who have happily signed and re-signed high value contracts with me.