ATX Live was created to help solve two key problems.  

First, there are hundreds of events happening every month in the Austin technology scene, how could we make this less overwhelming?

Second, businesses, startups, and people are trying to build communities and events to help support the Austin tech scene, but had trouble being found.

ATX Live creates a curated weekly list of in person events around Austin, as well as a full event calendar that anyone can self submit to.  We worked with Austin Startups and Austin Digital Jobs to help drive awareness to these events, helping solve both issues in one seamless environment.

ATX Live
Austin Virtual Workers owned by Oliver Whitham

Austin Virtual Workers

Austin Virtual Workers grew out of a simple idea. Not all co-working has to be in dedicated spaces. it doesn’t need to be expensive, and remote working doesn’t need to be at home, or isolated.

We created Austin Virtual Workers with a simple vision, creating a safe and accessible environment for remote workers to meet up with the intention of working, at coffee shops around the City of Austin.

Now sitting at 2000 members strong, Austin Virtual Working remains one of the largest co-working communities in Austin, and although currently on pause (Due to Covid) will be restarting when it’s safe for our community to return!

Thinkery Austin

As part of the Give Back ethos at WP Engine I worked with a cross-functional team of developers, designers, project managers and support to create a new website for the local charitable educational organization Thinkery Austin.

As part of the Thinkery project I helped provide SEO support, resourcing, and helped bring additional talent to the team to bring the project to conclusion.

Gamer.Tech is a side project built on WordPress, and designed to become a go-to resource for review and information on the latest gaming technology.

Currently Gamer.Tech is in it’s infancy and we have just brought on our first contract copywriter.