Oliver Knows How to Solve Your Marketing Problems

We’ve all been there.  You have a site, but there’s no traffic. Even worse, when the site does generate traffic, it’s not generating sales. Things are even more despondent when the customers you do get, never come back.

Fortunately, these problems can be fixed!

This is what Oliver Whitham can do for Your Business

Traffic Generation

With over 15 years of traffic generation under his belt, Oliver knows how to drive traffic to your website through every online channel.  Whether you are looking at social, organic, paid or e-mail, he brings the experience you need to get customers  through your virtual door.

Conversion Optimization

Most companies think they have this done, most have not.

Conversion optimization is ongoing, and simple tweaks to your site can make a huge difference to the sales you make per customer.  Oliver helps you build sales funnels to optimize your site for conversions and test your site and sales funnels to improve conversion performance.

Customer Retention

Whether you want to keep recurring income from a customer, get a customer to keep coming back, or get old customers to come back to you, customer retention helps you build huge value from your existing customer database.  Through customer re-engagement and increasing customer touch points, Oliver can help you keep the customers that have bought from you before.

Content Strategy

Content is expensive, there’s no way around that. So how do you know what kind of content you should be generating, and how can you turn a simple piece of content in to a traffic and revenue generating machine?

Oliver knows how to build a content strategy that will capture and engage customers for your business.